Open Source

Open Source projects initiated,developed and maintained by Evansofts.

Yalamo framework

Yalamo framework Yalamo Framework or shortly yf is the fast, light and constraint-free framework. it simply gives you the freedom so that your imagination can not be constrained by your tools. It simply runs in two modes, and allow you to alias functions in one place.


Doc Viewer

Doc Viewer Doc Viewer is an adobe air project based on Extjs Framework, formerly built to provide documentation for yframework, it is now available to create documentation for any kind of Api. Doc-viewer just needs to be configured with four properties.



Dopa Dopa is a cms (content management system) based on the Ajax technology, enhanced by extjs framework. This application is strongly leaning on the ExtJs Framework currently named Sencha. The back-end interaction is completely made in JavaScript. This is a specificity to consider when approaching Dopa.It runs perfectly on major browsers, has a nice and clean Ui.


Moo Plus

Moo Plus Moo+ is a light weight multilanguage Ide that supports 14 languages. Currently, it can manage three kind of projects (C# .Net , VB.Net and Web). The first intention was to be as a tool for learning programming, but as many features like support for yalamoframework are currently being added to the next version (1.0) this is quiet likely to change.