Providing high quality and affordable IT service.
Just in time deployment with zero bug guaranty.

I try to find the best tool to accomplish my task. They are time when none of the tools in the industry satisfies your requirements. In order to fill the gap, I design and develop framework, API, IDE plugins and standalone tool to automate some developement tasks. I expertise in tool developement in the folowing: C/C++, C# , Java and PHP with

Wether personal or big corporate, you will find solution to your needs in term of web applications. I develop standard compliant web applications such as e-commerce, project management or enterprise colaboration applications using cuting edge technology.

From simple database application to fully blow CRM, I design and develop custom application that are specific to your business to automate certain task while increasing productivity. Using my business oriented aproach, you can focus on solving your business problems and not worry about repetitive tasks, because repetition is for machines.

As hand held devices has become an integrated part of our life, I provide service for feature-rich mobile application developement, Enterprise level mobile application. I specialise in Android and windows Phone & platforms.