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RSwing Component

Rapido Swing (RS) is as set of Java swing components intended to help make development of swing application uniform, concise and faster. It does not reinvent the wheel, instead it tries to combine what swing already provide in a standard and easy way to use. If you are familiar with swing then modifying or changing rapido swing interns will be a breeze if you need to. All the effort has been made to make the components loosely coupled.

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Persiste. is a cloud based logging platform . It let's you collect valuables information and events in your application. Allowing you to monitor, get notifications and the activities cycling in your apps in real time. Persiste. also allow you to log an ulimited size of information using custome fields. While web and mobile applications are currently our focus, Persiste. support any other type of application capable of consuming our web service

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SmartSms Component

This is the best sms sdk for embeded sms fonctionality in your .NET based desktop application. It can be used to develop application for monitoring, notification, server client systems through data exchange via sms. The cost of this deployment is very low compare to other architecture.

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